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Authorization to Release Medical Records and Verbally Share Protected Health Information


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I authorize Dr. McGee to release all of my Protected Health Information (PHI—to include HIV/AIDS results and drug or alcohol abuse information protected by Federal Regulation 42CFR) and to discuss my treatment with the following provider:



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I understand that consent is subject to revocation at any time in writing to Dr. McGee, except if medical records or verbal information have already been disclosed. I understand that if health information is disclosed by this authorization, it may no longer be protected under the terms of the privacy rules and the recipient may be able to legally re-disclose the health information to others. I have carefully read and understand the above statements. I hereby release Dr. McGee from all legal responsibility or liability from the disclosure of PHI either in my medical records or verbally. I wish for this authorization to remain in place for the duration of my treatment and beyond until such time as I have revoked this authorization in writing to Dr. McGee.




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