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It’s more than psychiatric care. It’s a compassionate journey to your long-term health and wellness with someone who cares.

Stop worrying about stigmas or judgments.

Whether you seek psychiatric, addiction or behavioral healthcare, WellMind with Dr. McGee focuses on compassionate, personal care for you, your goals, your recovery, and your quality of life.



WellMind with Dr. McGee is your care on your terms. For those who prefer in person treatment, office visits are available.

No more worrying about treatment in a public clinic or office setting, or spending too much time getting to and from sessions. Now, your care comes to you.

WellMind with Dr. McGee delivers private, confidential psychiatric, addiction and behavioral healthcare to you: in home, at work, or anywhere in your state of residence, whenever and wherever you need it.

It’s easy to securely connect with Dr. McGee through the internet applications you use the most.

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WellMind with Dr. McGee lets you stay connected to your doctor – always.

Trained at Stanford and Harvard University, Dr. McGee believes in combining medicine with personal, one-on-one relationships.

Dr. McGee takes the time to connect deeply with people, expertly guiding you on your unique journey toward recovery and wellbeing.


About Dr. McGee

Dr. McGee’s approach to recovery is not just recovery through treatment; it’s recovery through integrated care for the mind, body and spirit.

Michael McGee, MD, believes that every person deserves psychiatric and behavioral healthcare with a human connection, clinical expertise, spiritual support, and private, personal, compassionate delivery, no matter where you are.

“A key task of recovery is to learn to get high on life rather than our addictions, to directly experience the sacred ecstasy of existence.”

Michael McGee, MD

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What People Say

“Dr. McGee has become not only my doctor, but someone that I know who cares about my recovery. It has been over 21 [months] and things are going great. I would recommend him to a family member as well as any friend who needs help.”


“Quite simply, Dr.McGee and his program saved my life. I would not be the man I am today without his help and guidance. We live in a world infested with addiction. Dr. McGee, and his program, is a way to conquer and cope with this deadly disease. He has my eternal respect and thanks.”


“I have been seeing Dr. McGee for over 10 years now … I was young, scared, and in serious trouble. Dr. McGee was extremely understanding and easy to talk to.”


“Dr. McGee has helped me fight through several mental health issues and shows the perfect amount of compassion, but also works to hold you accountable.”